Water restrictions loom sydney dam levels drop in drought years

Water restrictions loom sydney dam levels drop in drought years

Drought conditions in NSW have been hit by water scarcity across much of the state, but a study is now saying there could be more.

Key points: Studies show rainfall falls over dry period

Rates of spring water in dry year drops in dry year

Water supplies to city’s hospitals remain affected by water scarcity

In drought years, water availability varies

The report, due to be published by the National Energy Board, found that while water shortages have been around for decades – from 1950 to 2000 – there had been only a minor water supply spike in recent decades.

Despite the drop in water supplies over that time, the average winter rainfall was still 596mm in dry years and 1,058mm in dry years above drought conditions.

“It will be very difficult for any city or regional government to cope with this water scarcity,” the report states, suggesting the next problem could be the loss of snowpack.

The report found that winter flows and spring flows in the state were both at about their historic levels in 2013.

While that drier period was marked by rain falling much예스카지노 less often – in part due to spring snow accumulation – there were also peri더킹카지노ods of rainfall that fell more often and the water supply was more vulnerable to heavy snowpack.

The NEPB report states dry conditions could lead to more severe water shortages over future dry years, but the government’s plan is to work with regional councils to provide more water.

“The dry conditions forecast for West우리카지노ern Australia were predicted to lead to water shortages during dry years in the northern half of the state, for example, between 2013-15,” the report states.

“However, the projected water supply reductions during dry seasons between 2015-16 and 2016-17 were greater than expected in total NSW water supplies.”

The NEPB report says water-intensive crops that thrive in dry periods will be particularly vulnerable.

Ways Sydney could avoid a drought: Get in touch with experts

The report states the water supply is at its lowest level for at least 70 years while it can still be expected that the dry weather will continue for “a further 15 years or so”.

The current forecast drought for the NSW Central Coast and eastern inland areas includes:

Huge drop in spring water

Extreme heat and wet weather events

Rainfall that falls between 50mm and 250mm

Rural areas of the state that could see their water suppl

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